Friday, 11 March 2011

Facilitating a Community Visioning Experience

Here are some of the visions and messages written by community members of all ages and cultures that are interwoven into the Vision Weave hangings commissioned by the City of Ottawa for the Albion-Heatherington Recreation Centre. The installed woven banners have become a visual icon of hope, inspiration, pride and community solidarity.

The text messages and visions are compiled into a resource document that can be used for all future planning and goal setting within the community

.Espoir et paix sur la terre

I hope for the end of world poverty

Believe in Community….believe in yourself….Believe in others…Have hope for the future!

Our children are our future….

I wish for world peace

I wish for a community where all ages, colours & cultures live side by side in Peace and Harmony

Ce n’est pas ce qui nous arrive qui importe mais ce que nous en faisons

A kind world

Don’t pollute plan├Ęte Earth

An end to descrimination

Peace in each heart

The community rising as one to offer each other kindness generosity, handshakes and smiles

Utz 'lpetiq' kikoteursl Chawe! (Mayan) Bienvenida la alegri de todos! (Welcome to happiness!)

La hevle unda con el uno el otro. Que prospera la felizidad de todos de la communidad

An end to war

Mas sonrisas! (more smiles)

Be passionate about ideas. Imagine. Never be afraid of the person looking back at you in the mirror

I wish for peace, health and happiness for all children everywhere

Peace on Earth

The world is beautiful -protect it

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